Back Blast: Side Straddle WHAT? – 01.04.18

AO: Wyman Woods (aka: Whine Man’s Hill)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Schembechler, Mogul, Wildebeest, Crossgrain, Mariah, Grovetucky

Short mosey to save some time to immediate COP. Staying warm.

Mountain Climber IC x30
Imperial Walkers IC x20
Deep Lunge Reach to Sky/Twist IC x10 each leg
SSH Burpee (2 burpees every 5) IC x25
Slow 4 deep reach toe touch stretch
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x30
SSH Jumps (chair pose arms to sides to jump hands overhead land in chair) IC x15

Line up in parking lot. 15 yard ape walks.
Side Ape Walk slow down, back other side
Front Ape Walk down and back
Horse Walk down and back (like walking Al Gore)

Circle back up
SSH Burpee IC x30
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x30

Line up in lot. Approx 75yd run 11s.
Run down do 10 Mary Catherine’s (jumping lunges hands overhead) Every time right foot comes forward it’s 1.
Run back do 1 Burpee
Repeat back/forth until 10 Burpees/1 Mary Catherine
Finishers Run to loop and Glute Bridge for 6.

Circle back up
SSH Burpee IC x25
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x20

Mosey back to lot line up. We talk about conductive heat loss and how we’ll keep our hands and feet off the ground.
We roll from Superman to Hollow Rock x10 down and back
Plank circles with a foot step x5

Mosey to flag for SSH Burpees IC x10
Count off, name-o-rama, COT


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