COP Out Backblast 01/06/18: The Theatre

PAX: Crossgrain, Dimon, Kournikova (REPSECT), T. Cruise, Savanna (RESPECT)

QIC: Francis

YHC woke up at 5am unable to sleep and decided to charge a speaker and make a playlist for the Gloom. Pulling up to the parking lot Crossgrain had planted the shovelflag in a snow bank because the ground was too solid to pierce. Kournikova joked that YHCs Q’ing meant running, which did.

After a brief mumblechatter, the PAX warmed up with 10 SSH and a mosey to the dock.

20 IC Merkins

15 Derkins OYO

As YHC was still waking up regardless of music, PAX began mosey around the lake, stopping every quarter for exercises.

Squats IC x 20 holding at the bottom on 10 and 20

Hillbillies x 25


Lunges each leg x 15

Imperial Walkers x 25


Cotton Pickers x 20 YHC followed by snot break

Savanna led an exercise, but YHCs brain is still frosted and can’t remember.

Crossgrain led SSH x 15, every 5 SSH followed by 2 Burpees

Mosey to dock

T. Cruise and YHC wall sat for the 6

Happy Jacks x 20

Mosey up to Tennis Courts.

By the overpass we were surprised by Dimon who ran a lap around the lake look for the PAX in the gloom.

Once at Tennis Courts, PAX did Squats  for 6, and in unison Squats x 10

Mosey to middle of Tennis Court for COP

Name your Price Tool: Members of PAX each choose an exercise:

Dimon, Merkins x 30 IC

Crossgrain, BW Squats, don’t stand all the way up (Pulse) x 20

Savanna, Jog in place 10 count, High knee 10 count, High knee jog 10 count

T. Cruise, 15 180* squat jumps

Kournikova, Sun Gods

YHC, I forget.

Balls to the Wall against fence until failure. (T. Cruise FTW)

Mosey to far end of Tennis Court

Walking lunges to half way, Merkins x 15, Walking Lunge to completion.

Mosey back to COP

LBC x 25

WWIs x 20

YHC was notified it was 7:52 and time for a Thunderstorm, upon Crossgrain’s suggestion, mosey to shovel flag for last exercise.


AC/DCs Thunderstruck was played by YHC.

Each time “Thunder” is said, perform a Merkin

Plank throughout the entire song.

The PAX completed 30 merkins, while planking for 4:30 (Dimon holding plank the whole time) which led us to 0800.

PAX counted off, NameoRama and balled up for COT and BoM. Prayers offered by Crossgrain for Wildebeest’s family and our safety and health as we move into this week. It’s an honor as always to lead the men of the PAX and find reasons to laugh throughout a subzero early morning workout that would otherwise be spent at home, warm but without the Fellowship of the PAX. Thank you for the opportunities to lead.

YHC: Francis.


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