The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17

YHC, woke up to Zero Tire Pressure in the front tire of YHC’s machine. However, with a quick 20PSI YHC managed to hustle to the AO for the opening @0600

Pulling in along with 2 other sets of headlights YHC exited the machine to get THE VAN gassed up! Joining YHC in the ZERO DEGREE (-9* windchill) were a the mighty men of the PAX:

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Tony Packo, and Grovetucky

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After some brief mumble about the new AO, YHC decided to warm up the engine.


S.S.H. X 35

Squats X 25

Imperial Walkers X 15

Fat Man Twists

Toy Soldier X 20

The Thang:

Long Mosey down to next large PRK Lot.

Clap Jump Squats X 15

Hill Billys X 15

Deep Lunges X 20

Something Else X 15

Mosey to Shelter House #1

Dips X 40

Incline Merkins X20

Glut Bridge X 15

Dips X 40

Decline Side Plank Raises X 10 Each Side

Mosey to Shelter House #2

Picnic table Step ups X 60


Flutter Kicks (packo) X 20

American Hammers (mariah) X 20

WWI (grovetucky) X 25

LBCs (spotlight) X 25

Big Boy Situps (bo) X 25

Mosey to Shelter House #3

Wall Sits X time

Something else

Something else

Mosey up hill to “Danger Dam” for 10 count and B2W 10 counts

Mosey back to Flag for a squating count o rama & name o rama

Followed by Ball o man, Pray for spotlights father in law, the 0700 PAX, and the blessing of health and strength.

Coffeteria was at Collins Coffee Shop.  Great little space and will suit the PAX as we continue to grow the new AO.

Thank you to the men I’ve come to respect and admire for allowing YHC to lead you in the gloom. The impact you’ve each had on YHCs life has bettered me. YHC hopes that the prayers, inspiration, and truth that the PAX has shared in over the last 9 months has encouraged each of you as Men, Husbands, and Fathers in a world that is so quickly lost.

Bo Schembechler

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