Brick City Back Blast 1.9.18: Elevate your game

AO:   Brick City (Scioto-Mile)

When:   0530-0615

QIC:   Spotlight

PAX:   Bo Schembechler, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeast, Jumper, Ahhh, Teach

Weather:   30 degrees with a lot of ice.

YHC learned from Grovetucky that if you’re going to lead in January you better have a contingency plan.  YHC got to the AO early and found it was better suited for ice hockey than what he had planned.  A quick trip around the AO and a new plan began to take shape.  As the PAX showed up ready to work the hot topic was the balmy 30 degree weather.

At 5:30 the PAX began their mosey to the lower bowl and better footing.  Along the way Bo picked up Jumper (who doesn’t have GPS).  Once we navigated the steps and got to the grass the COP began

SSH IC x20

Sun Gods front and back

Slow and Low Squats x15

Overhead Claps x20

Fat Man Twists OYO

The Thang:  PAX formed a line at the light pole and were instructed to complete the following:  10 Carolina Dry Docks, Run to the sidewalk(about 40 yards) complete 2 burpees and run back to the light pole.  This continued in descending order until you reached 1 Carolina Dry Dock.

Bo gave a 10 count

Mosey to the steps in front of COSI Start at the left end of the stairs
Bear Crawl up the stairs
Mosey to the next set of stairs and walk down
bear crawl up that set of stairs.
Mosey to the next set and walk down
Bear Crawl up that set
Mosey to the last set and walk down
Bear Crawl up and plank for the 6

Francis gave a 15 count

Pick a block ( 1st member of the PAX to move the block wins 1 year free F3 membership)
Incline Merkins IC x12
LBCs x50
Incline Merkins IC x15
LBCs x50
Incline Merkins IC x12
LBSc x50

Mosey to the flag
Merkins IC x12
Slow/low squats x20
Round of protractors
Flutter Kicks IC x20

Count off while holding a low squat position x3 (thanks for the inspiration Bo)
Name-O-Rama with a squat and hold while each member of the PAX gives their credentials.(Crossgrain has a terrible memory)Jump Squats for Jumper x2

Bo read the Q quote of the day and Teach gave thanks for the opportunities we have been afforded and prayed us out.

It was a great start to a Tuesday.  YHC continues to be humbled by the opportunity to lead a group of difference makers.

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