Saddle Up Back Blast 1.18.18

Who: PAX of 8 assembled at 0530  Mariah, Mogul, Grovetucky, Bootleg (RESPECT), Jumper, Francis, Wildebeest

Where: In the gloom of Whine Man’s Hill parking lot

Weather: was a brisk 10 Degrees with a Zero Windchill (felt)

QIC: Returning from rumors of death, Bo Schembechler

At 0530 YHC shared his warmth with the PAX as he thanked them for their encouragement throughout his 8 days off with the plague!

Disclaimer was given and COP Began where we stood.

Imperial Walkers x ic 50

Cotton Pickers x ic 50

Squats OYO 10

The Thang:

Long Mosey to warm up the lungs… YHC led the PAX including Jumper strapped to a ruck sack full of weight.

Slow and steady the PAX getting smacked in the face on Goodale Blvd by the windchill step by step made the way down Goodale past a frozen pool and into another community park where we made a full loop around the path. Ending at some picnic tables and warm walls.

Count to 100 (Group A)

Step-ups on Picnic Tables (Group B)

Rinse and repeat for 3 full rounds.

Long Mosey: Slow and steady the PAX went the trek back around the park toward whine Man’s Hill until we reached Roadside.

100 Lunges Forward till completion

50 Lunges Reverse till completion

3 Group Shuttle Runs between tree & Sign followed by 10 “Mericans” (insupport of the movement to change Merkin to Merican)

Rinse and repeat 3 rounds:
Mosey around WMH back to the start. For a brief count o rama. A honest reflection on the encouragement of the PAX. And encouraging word of prayer & Praise for wildebeest’s brother in law and all the ailing PAX!

Looking forward to a lighter ruck tomorrow, followed by getting after it on Saturday! Thanks for letting me lead after 7 days out.




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