The Bear Back Blast 1.22.18: Heat Wave

AO: Camp Willis (a.k.a Jones M.S.)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Bo Schembechler, Ball Bearing, Crossgrain, Chicken Little, Teach, Jumper, Dimon, Wildebeast, Wilson (FNG, RESPECT-RESPECT!!)

Weather: 47 degress (i.e: perfect)

YHC stalked the track yesterday to see if it might be in condition for running laps, as the temperatures remained in the upper-40’s and above it seemed promising. On my mosey from home to the flag this morning, I stopped by the track and was pleased to see it was in running condition. At last, a workout can proceed with plan A! As the PAX gathered we welcomed an FNG who drove from Huber Heights near Dayton to experience the gloom. Due to the presence of a FNG, a full, official disclaimer was given. As Mariah and Mogul came in hot we moseyed to the far side of the bleachers for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Sun Gods IC x 10 forward, x 10 reverse

can-opener and hamstring stretches

Teach and Dimon rolled in and we were ready for The Thang:

one-lap around the track then 10 big-boy dips, rinse and repeat for a total of 4 sets

After the PAX retrieved the six, a set of low-squats was done OYO

Next the PAX took a mosey to the tennis courts and formed 4 groups of three for shuttle/relay runs (from endline of first court to far endline of last court) x 8 per PAX. Star jumps when not running

Next PAX ran suicides starting at endline of first court and running to endline of second court then back for 5 hand-release merkins, then run to endline of third court and back, then hand-release merkins, continuing until running to and from the last court. Plank for the six when completed.

Then back to our groups for shuttle/relay run x 6 sets with star jumps in between.

Next, starting at one end of the tennis courts the PAX lines up in plank position with space between each for one member of the PAX to broad jump over each of the planking PAX one at a time. This was done in a continuous fashion like an Indian run and was done until reaching the fence on the other end. I will refer to this as Indian broad jump unless someone knows of an official F3 name.

Next mosey across from the fire station for a round of Howlin’ Monkeys.

Then mosey to the flag in the courtyard for name-o-rama and BOM as Bo led us out in prayer. Props to Wilson (FNG) who drove from Huber Heights to become the first F3 Columbus member to earn the double shot of respect during name-o-rama!! We hope to see you back soon, Wilson!! Great work today men, what a great way to start the week!!


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