1.27 a day to remember back blast.

When : 0700 – 0800

Where : the theatre (Antrim Park)
Who crossgrain, bumper (respect), Savannah (respect), bootleg (respect), crash, rash, gimpy, Francis, Mariah, jumper, wildebeest, Creepers, bo schembechler, van dam (respect).

What : 14 PAX members got out of the fart sack and made themselves better.

The thang!
Small mosey to warm the legs.
Cotton pickers x20 IC
Sun gods 30 second forward 30 sec. reverse.
Over head hand claps.

Split into 2 groups
Group 1 had to push the truck down around the bend and back up.
While group 2 had 2 tractor tires and some weights. 2 – 44 lb plates a 25 lb and a 75 lb plate. Had to take those items down around the bend and back up.
Then switch.

Repeat that only this time the Tires were to be flipped or carried the entire way.

Split into 3 groups one group had the tires one group had the weights and one group had the truck did that until all groups went.

Then PAX lined up and ran suicides was I get the cones. Running 18 parking spots as a team leaving no man behind.

Moseyed to the flag where we circled up and did 53 SSH IC in honor of our eldest PAX member.

Did count a rama and name a rama.

Balled up giving thanks to Jesus and ending our time together with a prayer. Thanks for letting me lead this morning fellas.

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