Back-Blast 01/29/2018 – The Recipe of the Gloom

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington)

QIC: Jumper

PAX: FNG (Phoenix), Wilson (Double RESPECT), Bo, Mariah, Grovetucky, Crossgrain, Dimon, Ball Bearing, Wildebeest, Teach, Rash

Arrived on the scene at 0526 to see 5 or 6 PAX and an FNG participating in mumblechatter, a fitting appetizer for the morning’s meal.

Gave disclaimer and moseyed to the kitchen.

– High knees – 100m

– Butt-kickers – 100m

– High knees – 100m


– Cotton Pickers IC x 15

– Hillbilly’s IC x 15

– Deep Lunge with rotational stretch – both legs

– Teach stretch

– Run 400m

PAX then moseyed to the dinner table (football field) to begin chowing down on the morning’s meal.


– 100 yard sprint

– Squats IC x 100

– Iron Mikes (lung jumps) IC x 20


– 100 yard sprint

– LBFCs IC x 30

– Glut Bridge IC x 20 – each leg

– Superman back IC – 3 count x 10

– Burpos IC x 5


– 100 yard sprint

– Lunge squat IC x 30 – each leg

– Squat jumps IC x 20

– Burpos IC x 5


– 100 yard sprint

– Plank with leg raises IC x 30 – each leg

– American hammers IC x 30

– Sky lifts IC x 20

Moseyed back to flag with our bellies nearing full capacity…

– Burpos IC x 5

– Sky lifts IC x 20

– Glut Bridge IC x 20

– Squatted Imperial Walkers IC x 20

– Monkey humpers IC x 51

Finished up with a little dessert…

– Teach stretch

– Side lunge stretch

PAX numbered off and went around the dinner table with some Name-O-Rama. We then had the privilege of welcoming FNG (who is now Phoenix, as the lord rose him from the ashes of drug addiction and gave him new life in him).

During COT, Bo offered a challenge and hope to men to check what their foundation for life is. Is our foundation something that’ll hold the weight of our lives? Dreams? With a solid foundation in the lord, some brotherhood, and some burpos, the morning’s meal left the PAX feeling full as they took on beginning of a new day and new week.


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