02.03.2018 (down by the river) @The Van

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Wildebeest, Grovetucky, Kotter (3-16)

Where: The Van aka Griggs resivour

Arriving at 0525 to the sight of a familiar but rarely seen truck, 4 vehicles gather and @0530 the disclaimer is shared, and YHC begins.

Welcoming back 3-16

The thang:

SSH x30ic

Imperial Walkers x20ic

Peg-leg cotton pickers x20ic

Mosey: long mosey

Rinse & Repeat adding:

Squats x15 ic

Mosey: shorter mosey

Rinse & Repeat adding:

Merkins x15 up/down cadence

At this point we ran into a local runner Dr. Turner age 69 out for a morning jog. After introductions we asked if he would like to mosey along with us. We continued on and he pressed in as Grovetucky laid on the EH to a college and know friend.

Mosey: distance unknown

Rinse and repeat full set including adds. Grovetucky at this point putting g YHC in his place as the Q had a single movement series that was simple and consistent… YHC told him to get over it and keep moving! Appreciating the push!

Dr. Turner remained with us showing us that 69 ain’t no thang.

After parting ways; we began our return journey.

Long mosey

Followed by LBCs, teach strech, some other stuff.


And rinse and repeat the series.

It wasn’t about a overwhelming workout that left us weak. It was a steady beat that kept us moving for 60 Mins in 8° wind chills.

We made a choice that resulted in getting better today.

BoM: prayed for Daniel Chapman. And the PAX as weather warms.

Thank you for your friendships and care


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