Back-Blast: You vs. You – 02.05.18

AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
Who: Crossgrain, Grovetucky, Dimon, Jumper, Pheonix
QIC: Mariah

Morning from hell, and little to do with the workout. This Back Blast has taken about as long to draft as it did for me to show up Monday morning. The plan was simple. Here’s the workout:

0530 – COP:
Mosey to track
Stretch – deep lunges elbow to calves w/trunk rotation.

The Thang:
Run a 400 on the track. If you finish before 2:30 do 20 merkins and 20 squats. If you finish after 2:30 do 10 merkins and 10 squats. Rest until 5min mark.
… repeato until 6:10 then mosey back to flag
75 WWIs in cadence

COT – and out…
I was a calamity of a Q being sick/sore. So, plan was Sunday “Just be a machine, crush this workout tomorrow sick/sore, give me another beer! EAGLES!” Well, issues compounded the next morning. Here’s the disorganized chaos of it: Super bowl was yesterday so BEER, accidentally hit OFF on the alarm clock when I thought I hit snooze (there’s nothing wrong with 1 snooze after the Super Bowl, stop judging!) it snowed so track workout might have to change (screw it, we’re running in the snow), I have a cold from my sick 9 month old sneezing into my mouth, I’m allergic to cats and spent the entire day Sunday around one drugged up + BEER, my knee hurts (Boo Hoo, always something), The bathroom process was slow (needs to happen on a run day, ever run with bubble guts?), workout clothes were discovered in the same ball I rolled them into inside of a towel from the weekend on the laundry floor (yep, forgot to wash, so unwashed and still wet with sweat for the 16 degree workout weather – it will make me harder – because I’ll be frozen),  the timer batteries are dead (where are the dang AAAs at?! AGHHH 0515!), WHAAAT? You’re kidding – never plugged in the charger for my fitbit ( timer backup device), how am I gonna time these guys (2 is 1, and 1 is none, well sometimes 2 is none too apparently) – oh well 0518 GO GO GO! Out the drive down the road… Gloves? Where are my frickin GLOVES! Turning around, it’s cold out and I’m not stupid. Gloves, check, arrive at AO to pax doing SSH at 0532. I’m here… mosey.

All was well though, we used Crossgrain’s phone to time us, I finally settled in from the chaos. Felt horrible, but it happened. Sometimes getting into or staying in shape has less to do with what’s accomplished at the workout, and a LOT MORE to do with overcoming all of the minutia that can derail your attendance from one. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve ever had a workout problem as much as a workout attendance problem. I try to stay prepared, but sometimes I’m just not. These guys at F3 are the bumper rails when life rolls a little out of control. We got the work done.




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