2.06.18 Brick City BB

QIC:Bo Schembechler

PaX: crossgrain, ball bearing, ahhh

There was a few things that happened but this clip on Instagram says it all!

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F3. Fitness. Fellowship. Faith. We workout to better ourselves not just for health reasons but to be the solid ground for someone who needs it. We aim to encourage all those around us. We build up our bodies so we can do what we can to pick you up when you need it. One thing I’ll never forget a pax member told another many years ago “im physically strong enough to lift my wife up but I’m not mentally strong enough to lift her up when she’s down emotionally.” F3 has helped with that and to us that a far greater accomplishment than any fitness goals you can imagine. . . #fitness #fellowship #faith #instafit #fitstagram #workout #columbus #ohio #youvsyou #motivation #dedication #free99 #ironsharpensiron #f3counts #fruitofthegloom #whileyouweresleeping #americanpride #asseenincolumbus

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We played 4 corners, moved, Indian run, rock press, rock throws…

Basically, in order to experience something you have to SHOW UP!

4 did and 4 know,


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