Back-Blast: Snow Day? Not for us – 02.07.18

AO: The Theater (aka – Antrim Park)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Bo, Dimon, grovetucky, bootleg, Phoenix, Francis, jumper, cross grain, teach
QIC: Mogul

Q rolled in 2 minutes late due to crazy weather.  Surprised to see 11
in attendance in 6 inches of snow.  Unloaded  a shovel and sled, asked the PAX to grab 2 blocks each and get started.

Side straddle hop x 30
Sun gods forward and back
Cotton pickers x 20
Lunge Knee ups x 10 each side
Hillbilly’s x 20 in cadence
Ab throws x 10
20 quick push ups
Mozy to circle
70 percent run back to blocks

Curls with block in each arm x 10 each arm
Swimmers press overhead with block in each arm x 10
Put the block on the shelf 10 x each direction
Scotty bob’s x 10 each arm

Circuit 1: groups of 3 (1 time through)
Group 1 pulled the sled with 3 blocks on it 50 yards.  While waiting pax did burpee jacks
Group 2 did farmers carry with blocks.  While waiting Pax did burpees jack and Scotty Bobs.
Group 3 shoveled lines in the snow.  While waiting Pax did Scotty bobs and burpee jacks.

Block work:
Block curls x 10
Swimmers press x 8
Scotty bobs x 5
Put the block on the shelf 10x each direction
Decline push ups.  Feet on block.  10 with each leg raised.

Circuit 2: Sprints
50 yard Shuttle run for each group
Of 3.  3 x down and pack each person
Scotty bobs for Pax while waiting

Block work:
1 arm Block curls while holding off arm to 90 degrees. 16 reps
Hold 30 second hold at 90 degrees.
Put the block on the shelf 10 x each direction

Honored as always to be around a great group with a great attitude.


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