The Bear Back Blast 2.12.18: Run or Slide

AO: Camp Willis

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mariah, Spotlight, Ball Bearing, Rash, Bootleg, Mogul, Bo Schembechler, Dimon, Teach, Ahhh, Jumper, Wildebeast

YHC rolled out of the house around 0515 and was delighted to see the driveway, that was wet all day yesterday, had dried, with no evidence of ice!! This was great news as there was no plan B. I mosied to the shovel flag and quickly counted the PAX… 8 total, this is just the right number!! At 0530 a quick disclaimer was given and then mosey around the school on the dry sidewalks (distance was probably between 400-600 yards) then back to the shovel flag for COP. As we arrived 5 more PAX joined for a total of 13. I warned the PAX that with the large group we would have less running, but more pain! On to the COP:

SSH x 21 IC

Imperial walkers x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda’s x 20 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Sun Gods front and back IC x 10 or so

Teach can-opener stretch

We were then ready for The Thang:

Mariah recently introduced us to the side-straddle burpie, consisting of SSH x 5 IC then 2 burpies (so I will deflect the blame for this workout to him). YHC started off calling the cadence for a set of side-staddle burpies and down the line we went with each of the PAX calling out the cadence for a set with a total count of 65 SSH IC (130 total) and 26 burpies, then we mosied around the school and resumed the side-straddle burpie routine for another round of 65 SSH IC and 26 burpies, then mosey around the school and resume the side-straddle burpies. YHC cut it off about midway through the 3rd round. Next, a little round of Mary:

LBC’s x 50 IC on up

Flutter kicks x 20 or 25 IC

Then low and slow squats x 20 IC

Next, a mosey to the tennis courts for World War 1’s x 25 IC on up, The PAX then divided into two groups for Bear Crawl Inch Worm (may need to rename the Bear crawl to Mogul crawl, I’m not sure a bear could keep up with him!). Then Freddy Mercury’s x 50 IC.

Finally, mosey to shovel flag for 5 sets of side-straddle burpies IC. Lastly, 2 minutes of stretching with double toe touches and a nice hamstring stretch.

At last 0615, name-o-rama, COT, BOM and Bo led us out in prayer.  YHC was worried how F3 would withstand the winter, but we have not only survived, we have thrived! Thank you to the PAX for inspiring me to be better!



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