The Theatre Back Blast 2.17.18: Helter Skelter

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Gimpy, Bumper (respect), Savannah (respect), Kournikova (respect), Jumper

YHC made the first appearance at the 0700 Saturday workout in about in 2 months. I love “The Van” workout, but I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep and the chance to see some of the PAX that I haven’t seen in so long. At 0700 we took off on a mosey to the lower parking lot. There was some mumblechatter about the lack of a disclaimer, but it was a veteran group, they know what they are getting to. At the end of the lower parking lot COP:

SSH IC x 30

Sun God’s IC x 15 front, x 15 back

Hillbilly’s IC x 20

Windmills IC x 20

Can-opener stretch each leg x 30 seconds

Cotton-pickers IC x 15

Burpee’s x 5 OYO

Then mosey to the hill for quad-burn seven’s, Diamond merkins at the bottom (6,5,4,3,2,1) then run up the hill backwards and Star Jumps at the top (1,2,3,4,5,6) and run down the hill forwards. Plank at the bottom until the six finishes.

LBC x 50

WWI’s x 10

Next mosey to the flag for some block work:

2-arm Curls x 25

overhead press x 25

skull crusher tricep extensions x 15

block merkins x 5 sets, one set consists of one merkin with both hands on block, then one merkin with left hand on block, right hand on ground, then one merkin with both hands on the block, finally one merkin with right hand on block and left hand on ground.

Then mosey to the running path and back

2-arm curls x 15

overhead press x 15

flutter kicks IC x 25

Then mosey to the tennis court for walking merkins to the left for one tennis court, then walking merkins to the right for one tennis court. Then up against the fence and hold in the chair position for 10 count from each PAX, then a final 10 count all together. Then BTTW for 5 count from each of the PAX, then hold for a final 5 count together as a group. Next, inch-worm merkin alternating with a burpee broad jump along the width of two tennis courts.

Next mosey back to the blocks for:

2 arm curls x 15 IC

Then bearcrawl and pull the block through (alternating arms) back to the parking lot (about 30 yards).

Mosey to the basketball court for broad jumps over the planking PAX along the length of the court

Finally, back to the shovel flag:

Hollow rocks x 10

Monkey humpers x 60

** We did Freddy Mercury’s and a hamstring stretch somewhere along the way, the problem with a random plan is writing the back blast!!

Finished with 10 seconds left, name-o-rama, COT (prayers for Savannah’s friend who lost his 98 y.o. mother and thoughts and prayers out to Mariah, Tony Packo, and Van-Damme as they are competing at the Ft. Bragg Heavy Ruck as we speak). Jumper led us in prayer then off to Tim Horton’s for coffeteria.

I had no specific plan for this workout, just wanted to do a bunch of random stuff. When one area of the body feels overworked, just picked an exercise that focused on another area. I remember feeling nervous the first several times I was Q, but I can honestly say that it gets easier and easier everytime. For those who are apprehensive to Q, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try it! You will become stronger for it!! I hope to see more and more members of the PAX sign up to Q soon. Just go to, click on menu, then click on the ‘Join Us’ tab and finally click on ‘Q schedule” to sign up.






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