2.20 back blast…all you got!

Where @f3 brick city 0530-0615

Who Crossgrain

The thang!
YHC showed up around 0515 to scope the place out and come up with plan B if needed. After staying up way late drafting up a workout and not a plan B he decided there must always be a plan B. Well 0530 comes around and not a soul in sight. Which leads to plan C!

Teach stretch 20 seconds each side.
Hamstring stretch 20 seconds each side.
1.2 mile run without stopping.
Got back to start did 40 push-ups without stopping.
Another 1.2 mile run this time stopping when needed to do 10-20 push-ups. Ending with 2.5 miles and 200 push-ups total.

Circled up for a count of 1.

Thanks for letting me lead! 😂😂😂

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