The Van (pre-potluck pre-blast) DBTR

WHO: Calling all Males in the Columbus Area, SadClowns and HIMs

WHAT: A early morning workout to earn your F3 Potluck. There is no I in team but if you want to live in a Van DBTR (Down by the River) you can go alone. But together we can get better.

WHEN: 0600-0700 Saturday 2.24.18 (Coffeteria Post W/O 7(ish)-Whenv)

WHERE: Griggs Reservoir Park (THE VAN)  <—-MAP on Link

WEATHER: over 40* and who cares IT’S “THE VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER”

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Note: everything is scale-able, modifications are encouraged, you bring you and you vs. you, no man left behind, no man left where we found them, and showing up is the hardest part!

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