Back-Blast (The Theater) 2-24-18

AO: The Theater (Antrim Lake)

QIC: Kournikova

PAX: Gimpy, Francis, Crossgrain, Bumper (Respect), Savannah (Respect), Wildebeast, Mariah, Bo Schembechler

The Thang:  The PAX did a short mosey to the parking lot close to the lake where we warmed up with SSH X 25, Imperial Walkers X 25, Cotton Pickers X 20, Wind Mills X 20 and Sun gods.

The PAX moseyed to the lake deck for some stretching.  There was much mumblechatter as we did thigh, hamstring, IT Band, Rotator Cuff, and Teach stretches.

The routine was all about the number 55.  As we did dips on the deck benches in descending order starting with 10 working are way down to 1, with 1 incline merkin in between.

We then started are mosey around the track counter clock-wise, where are first stop brought 55 merkins with 1 air squat in between each set.

On the next stop we did 55 air squats with 1 merkin in between.  We were then joined by Mariah, Bo, and Wildebeast whom just finished a 0600 workout at the Van (down by the river)

The next stop focused on abs with 55 WW1’s, with one burpee in between each set.

As we continued around the lake we did 55 lunges with 1 merkin in between each set.

As we got close to completing our lap around the lake we did one last “55” stop where we knocked out 55 Imperial Walkers with a star jump in between.

We then moseyed to the deck for a PAX circle plank for 2 minutes to focus was on abs and stabilizing muscles.  After 2 minutes of mumblechatter and face plants the PAX moseyed back to the flag where Bo took us out in prayer.



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