2.26 back blast..love at first sprint..

Where : the bear (jones middle school)

Who : Phoenix, bo, crossgrain, wildebeest, mogul, Mariah, dimon, ahhh, grovetucky, jumper, FNG(brain), teach and rash.

0530 hit Q gave disclaimer as we had an FNG. And began our mosey to the track.

The thang!
Cotton pickers IC X15
Teach stretch 20 seconds each side

Snake the bleachers up and down

Get to a starting point on the track before the turn and do walking lunges around the bend.
Sprint the straight stretch
Bear crawl the bend
Sprint the straight stretch

Inch worms x10

Snake the bleachers
Line up in pairs and one bear crawls up the bleachers and walks down while two does SSH repeat this 3 times.

Snake the bleachers

Sprint around 60m x5

Snake the bleachers

AYG to flag. Stretch for 4 minutes

End with 5 burpees on your own!

Thank you for allowing me to lead you all this morning. It was chilly out but we warmed up quickly!!

– crossgrain

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