Back-Blast 03.03.18 – The Van

The Van – 0600-0700
QIC – Mogul
PAX: Bo, Rash, Wildabeest, Mariah, Brain, Tony Packo, Mogul.

Chilly, but dry day at Griggs. Forecasted by a post by BO concerned about what was to come with Mogul as the Q. Everyone showed up ready to work with a great attitude. Props to 1st week PAX member Brain for making Saturday the 4th workout of the week for him.

Mozy to parking lot area. .75 mile
– side straddle hop x 30
– Cotton pickers x 15
– cotton pickers side to side x15
– quad stretch
– Sun gods forward and back
– Arnold mr Olympia stretch
– Jane Fonda’s: up, circle forward, circle back x 15 each
– warrior one
– flex wheeler Arnold classic flex.
1. Line up at guard rail Hand plant jumps over guard rail and back x 30
2. Derkin walk the guard rail.
3. 10 burpees at the end.

Indian run back to the beginning shelter house. .75 mile. Very fast pace. I stopped to tie my shoe and was about 300 yards back by the time I looked up.
– WHAT’S UP BRO: 1 arm pull ups. On your 6, Feet against wall and pulling one arm of partner. 10 each arm. For the meatheads.
– 7 MINUTE ABS: crunchy frog x 20
– pulse ups x 20
– heels to the heaven x 20
– leg climbers x 20 each leg.

Mozy to the bottom lot near the hill.
Teamed up in groups of 2.

SET 1: combined…150 merkins, 10 hill runs
Each team could borrow reps from teammates. Team event. Any order
PROPS to RASH and TONY PACKO for the win.
Winner did side straddle hops while others
Did 10 – 8 count body builders in cadence. Props again to RASH and PACKO for joining in on the body builders.

SET 2: winning team (PACKO and RASH) had wait 20 seconds before they could begin
– bear crawl the lot x 4
– 4 backwards hill runs
– 40 Close grip push ups.

Ended at exactly 7:00. QIC determined that all were winners for finishing that workout.

I appreciate the killer effort by all PAX and hope everyone is enjoyed their well deserved day off. Always humbled to lead this group.

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