Back Blast 3.7.18 The Theatre

38 degrees pax starts to show.  We have an FNG Eric (Head’s Up)

AO: The Theatre

QIC: Bootleg

PAX: Wildebeest, Ahh, Dimon, Jumper, Brain, Bootleg, FNG Head’s Up!

We plant the flag and begin (dimon comes in hot!)

30x SSH IC

25x Cotton Pickers IC

Sungods 30 sec each direction

Teach stretch 30 sec each side

Hurdler Stretch 30 sec Hamstring 30 sec Quad x2

Mosey around the tennis court

The Thang

We start with Burpee Dan’s – 4 lunges then 1 Burpee x10 (40 lunges 46 burpee’s)

You all have heard of the Dougie Dance I like to The Lukie (my 2.0)

Start in a deep squat hold 30 sec- then 30 sec of short up downs- then squat 30 sec  x 2

Then we did plank to start walk out 3 steps, three Merkins x 5  Then another Lukie  Then 5 more plank Merkins back to the flag and finish with another Lukie.

WWI x25 IC

LBC’s x75 IC

Merkins AYG for 3 Minutes

Then we moved to the parking lot for aggasis on ten lines OYO

I Band stretch

Back to the flag for Mary’s

NOR we named Eric our FNG

Circled up and  I thanked everyone for allowing me to lead them and for the daily push they give me to be better in life.  Jumper thank GOD for our F3 growth and led us out in prayer.


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