Backblast Camp Willis: 03.14.18 200 CC (400)

AO: Camp Willis

QIC: Francis

PAX: Mariah, Bo Schembechler

YHC arrived to Camp Willis at 0515 and mosied to the track to check the ice situation, almost fell twice on the way, but thankfully the track was good to go. Mariah and Bo emerged from their cars shortly before 0530 for some mumble chatter, and then a careful mosey to the track.

SSH IC x 28

Sun Gods Forward and Back

Hamstring Stretches

Cotton Pickers IC x 15


Working on core for our mornings, went as the following. Run a lap, 2 core exercises, rinse wash and repeat.


14 Merkins

V sits arms straight in the air, with legs straight old till recover


Hops side to side, keeping shoulders as still as possible to isolate core x 28

Hops forward and back with the same x 28


Imperial Walkers IC x 28

LBCs IC x 28


Hillbillies IC x 28

Elbow Plank, lower abdominal crunch (bring one knee to chest and touch toe) x 15

Lap to flag (more of a omnipresent, idealized flag than an actual present flag)

American Hammers x 28

Balled up and Bo led us out praying thanks for helping to continue our growth as men and to lead us towards humility.

A birthday Q is an awesome thing and a great way to start a new year of life, and to keep growing as a man for myself, my soon to be wife, my school and my community. One thing I kept reflecting on about F3 is hope. When one man is alone and life sends temptations, reasons to quit and excuses, that man can break. When there is even one person in that man’s life quitting, taking the easy path and compromising is no longer a viable option. Providing hope for change, resilience and persistence. Thank you for being those men in mine and helping me continue to grow.

YHC, Francis.



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