1 Year Back Blast!

After 1 Year we gathered regardless of the weather forecast and conditions. While some of our brothers were unable to join us due to spring break travel arrangements the PAX was well represented by the 14 HIMs that posted to get better!

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Kournikova (Respect), Savannah (Respect), Bumper (Respect), Wildebeest, Crossgrain, Kibbles, Gimpy, Crash, Tony Packo, Teach, Brain, and Bo Schembechler.

With a 3-way Q lined up attempting to rinse and repeat Beatdown 1 on 3.18.17 we split the responsibility and the results are being felt.

A brief disclosure was provided after welcoming the PAX to the 1 year anniversary workout.

Mosey, around the tennis courts and down to the lower stage for C.O.P.

10 Burpees OYO

SSH – ic 40

Peter- Parker’s x ic 20

Parker- Peter’s x ic 20

Merkins x sc 20

Imperial Walkers x ic 25

Sun God’s forward x ic 20

Sun God’s backward x ic 20

Overhead claps x ic 20

Squats x ic x 30

Bo Shared that F3 is a starfish model of leadership and handed the Q off to Spotlight:

The Thang

Circle to Docks

Run from grass through underpass to dock perform 20 dips and repeat X3 followed by plank.

Mosey to base of Hill for 7s

1 Carolina(honoring the southern Roots of F3) Drydock – 6 jump squats

Increasing and decreasing with each trip up and back down untill all reps were complete.

Upon PAX moved backward up the hill.

@0730 the closer was called in from the bullpin. Mariah to finish us off.

Mosey up to ten is courts.

“ON YOUR SIX” is the call in the litteral slush puddles on the court.

WWI x sc 20

6 court suicide runs with 10/mod5 Merkins at the baseline. Repeat until PAX completed.

“ON YOUR SIX” we returned for

American Hammers x ic 30

6 court suicide runs with 10/mod5 squat jumps at baseline. Repeat until PAX completed.

“ON YOUR SIX” we returned for

Freddi Mercuries x ic 30

6 court suicide runs with 5/mod 2 Burpees at baseline. Repeat until PAX completed.

At completion 5 burpees as a PAX.

Mosey around the tree to flag for 10 OYO burpees and the final 0800 completion of the morning!

We ended with Count & Name O Rama

Followed by reflections on how the year has impacted you, a brief moment recognizing the amount of humbling we experience as we gather each morning and do more than we would on our own.

We have hardly been perfect, but our imperfections make us a team able to carry one another through some of life’s darkest moments and hardest workouts.

PAX of F³ Columbus… It is you, it is now, and it is gonna be an even better in year 2!

F3 Columbus

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