Camp Willis-Back Blast 3-22-18

It was a beautiful first day of Spring!  32 degrees about an inch of snow on the ground and a light snow falling and with the wind just enough to make you want goggles

PAX: Bo Shembechler; mariah, mogul, teach, bootleg

QIC Bootleg

AO Camp Willis

The pax gathered most coming in hot with Teach bringing the flag.  Mumblechatter and we began the thang

25 SSH I/C

30 Cotton Pickers I/C

30 sec Sun Gods Each direction

then a short mosey over to the wet kinda snowy track

We started at the first Corner with 25 Merkins ran to the next corner 25 squat jumps ran to the next corner 1 min plank ran to the last corner and 25 LBC’s

Lather rinse repeat 4 times (mariah and mogul did 5x)

a short breath then long kinetic lunges up the bleachers 4x

mosey back to the flag with stories of driving 7 hours to look at a cloud up close, kids puking into the mechanics of a pull out bed in the middle of the night etc thanks to Moguls trip for spring break.

Stretching for the last 7 minutes to more spring break stories. Pretty good calorie burn and a bit of cardio!

Thank you men for allowing me to lead you and for pushing me to be there this morning.

Bo led us out in prayer and begin another great day!


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