The Theatre Back Blast: 3.24.18

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Pyro, Bullfrog, Crash, Gimpy, Dimon, Kournikova, Savannah

The PAX assembled at 0700 and the disclaimer was given. YHC got things going quickly with 15 burpess OYO. Then mosey to the lower parking lot for COP:

SSH x25 IC

Overhead claps x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 20 forward and X 20 backwards IC

Overhead claps X 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Cotton Pickers X 20 IC

Can Opener stretch

Mosey to the dock

using the benches for a circuit of Bulgarian lunges x 10 (or 15, can’t remember!) each leg, step-ups 10 each leg, and elbow plank donkey kicks x 10 each leg. Mosey around traffic circle and back, then repeat circuit for total of 3 sets

mosey back toward shovel flag with a stop halfway for 10 burpees


PAX in groups of 2:

PAX alternate between mosey the length of a soccer field (PAX 1 carries block overhead, drops it at the end line and run back, then PAX 2 runs to get block and overhead carries it back) and the following exercises:

burpees x 50 per team

dive-bomb merkins x 100 per team

squats x 150 per team

LBC’s x 200 per team

monkey humpers x 250 per team

plank for the six. Then put blocks away and return to shovel flag for:

Am Hams x 25 IC

Freddy Mercury’s x 25 IC

Double toe-touches x 20 IC

Rash-style glute stretch

hamstring stretch on one-knee, other leg extended out

Name-o-rama, COT, and BOM. Then some 2nd F at Tim Horton’s. Nice work men!!



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