Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast 3.29.18: Pain Stations

AO: Wyman Woods Park (a.k.a.: Whine Man’s Hill)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Teach, Rash, Ahhh, 3-16, Slash

Weather: Balmy, wet, and foggy

YHC gave the disclaimer as a few of PAX rolled in hot. Then mosey to the fire station entrance for a quick COP:

SSH x 21 IC

Side to side cotton pickers x 15 IC

Double toe touches x 15 IC

Indian run to Parkway Park at 1st and Oxley (about a mile) for pain station #1:

Step-ups x 15 each leg

snatch squats x 10

burpees x 10

Indian run to Thomas Edison Elementary (a little over a mile) with a quick stop on the way for dive bomb merkins x 15

Pain station #2 at Thomas Edison Elementary for 2 rounds of morning glory. Each PAX does 5 dips as the remaining PAX does merkins.

Fast-paced mosey to Whine-Man’s hill corner for lunges x 30 each leg

Mosey to rock wall:

Elbow-plank donkey kicks x 10 each leg

Step-ups x 15 each leg

Dips x 15

Mosey to shovel flag

Scorpion Dry Dock x 10 each leg up

Teach can-open stretch

Rash stretch

Name-o-rama, COT, and BOM as we prayed for Slash’s aunt and uncle and reflected on Jesus on this Holy Thursday. Way to move this morning PAX, we put in around 3 miles!!!




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