Back blast 4.11.18 theater: band of brothers / upper body

5 PAX in total including @chickenlittle who went past the kettle workout to join us…glad you came.

@brain  @headsup  @dimon  @chickenlittle @wildebeest

Warm up circle of pain: SSH x30; side to side cotton pickers  x 15; sungods 15 fwd 15 reverse; leg stretch

Set up blocks:
5 blocks  flat about 3ft apart. Line up.
Merkin on block plank walk to next block for a merkin and go down the line when done sprint across feild and back and plank for 6.
Repeat x 3

However you want to order it: on your own
100 block curls
100 block shoulder presses
50 decline merkins (ft on block)
Army crawl 1/4 of feild (25yrds) then Sprint across feild and back then plank for the 6

Grab a partner: goal for 2 of u / alt as needed
1 does Kettle swings (50)
2 burpees (40)

Indian run down parking lot to the end and back

Top Parking spaces: BC x 5 sprint rest and return with same (BC x 5) repeated x 3

We put the blocks away wth 2 min to spare for some teach stretches and hammy stretches

Countoff and name arama
Closed with prayer asking for strength to have integrity in all we do!

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