The Circuit @ Brick City Back Blast

As YHC rustled out of bed the reality that he was only minutes away from missing the self assigned Q. With no thought the scramble began and the message of “COMIN IN HOT” went out to those who awaited in the gloom.

Finding a frozen windshield on this early morning was beyond discouraging, a crisp 32 degrees, plenty of opportunity to complain, to give up, to quit after the winter seems to be dragging on. But making the way to the AO arriving promptly at 0530 to 2 HIMs (GIMPY & JUMPER) awaiting instructions, a gladness of not being alone, of mutual suffering overtook YHC.

Flag planted, a slight warm-up stretch with Teach’s, Cotton Pickers (grassgrabbers? F3 Louisville), and we were off on our mosey.

Down under broad, we arrived to our first set.
Step ups OYO(15 each leg), Dips OYO x15, Erkins OYO x15 (wash, rinse, repeat) Mosey
Arriving at a slight incline YHC decided on 3 man circuit.
Bear Crawl, Merkins, LBCs each man moving until tagged by man in motion. (wash, rinse, repeat x3) Mosey
Finding an even steeper incline PAX jostled their way up to road side, down, and back up to really work them legs. Mosey
Finding a wall nearly navel high YHC decided to repeat first movements.
Step ups OYO(15 each leg), Dips OYO x15, Erkins OYO x15  Mosey
Coming to a hault at the steps a 2nd 3 man circuit began.
RUN (really run) Up steps around and back down, 1 man plank, 1 man 10count (wash, rinse, repeat x3) Mosey

MARY @ Flag
Am. Hams ic x30
Flutter Kicks ic x25
Oblique Raises (L,R) ic x15each

Ended with a quick hit about complaining (email coming soon) why do we complain? Do we not see what we already have? How far we’ve come? Let’s push through this frozen spring with resolve to get better brothers! (YHC, led out in prayer to my king & savior Jesus)

3 AO’s tomorrow GET TO ONE!

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