Bell Busters: 4.18.18

AO: Camp Willis

Co-Q: Bootleg and Mariah

PAX: Mogul and Grovetucky


SSH x 30 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Side lunge stretch

Teach can-opener stretch

On to the KB’s:

KB swings x 25 OYO

Goblet squats x 25

2 man groups:

PAX 1 carries KB bottoms-up right hand to gate, then does 10 burpees, returns with KB bottoms-up left hand. PAX 2 holds turkish get-up side plank position with KB held above with right hand (modify to regular plank when gassed). Then switch.

Repeat above with KB held above with left hand in turkish side plank position.

PAX 1 carries KB to gate in over-head press position with right hand, does 10 burpees, returns with KB in over-head press position with left hand. PAX 2 does 5 turkish get-ups each with right and left hand holding KB. Then switch

Bootleg took over for some Mary on 20 second intervals:

Am Hams



Heel taps

Bicycles forward and backwards


Finish off with 5-6 minutes of lower body stretching



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