5.16.18 Back Blast – “I got this!”

WHO: Mogul, Rash, Matlock, Teach (QIC), Brain, Ball-bearing

WHERE: Whineman Woods

Time: 0530-0615


Mosey up the hill to the fire station for warm up

Sungods, sumo squat hold, Stevie Wonders, elbow to instep stretch, teach, slow and low cotton pickers, 50 merkins

Mosey down to the soccer field for some work

The Thang

4 rounds with 1.5 min rest in between

Jog to 18, sprint to half field

3 single leg hops alternating legs to the other end of field

Jumping skips to half field

Bounding skips to other end of field

Duck walks to half field

zig zag run to other end of field

side shuffle squats to half field

lunges to other end of field

broad jumps to half field

suicides to other side of field and back to the far end

Rest for 1:30 repeat

Mosey to flag

Leg raises for 10 count around the horn

Words of wisdom – when fear creeps in or when the mind tries to tell you its too hard, catch yourself and use a mantra to keep you focused – I like “I got this” or “we got this”






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