The Bear 🐻 Back- Blast 05.21.18

What is a back-blast… It is an attempt to put into words, a summary, of the workout from.the point of the Q or designated YHC (your humble correspondent).

This morning as YHC prepared to leave it was realized that no able bodied man had signed up to Q. Recognizing YHC hadn’t taken the slot at Camp Willis in some time, it seemed fitting to put it together.

Last week Mariah asked if F3 had taken over my life due to the number of Tokens (random objects) and shovel flags that litter the back seat of YHCs car.

The truth is F3 has become such a part of life that it has impacted YHCs entire family… 2.0s are constantly running, asking to workout, and be a token themselves (carried). The M (wife) has been pushed into the gloom (morning) to join other Ms of our PAX (F3 guys) to get better themselves!

So, in fact F3 has rooted itself in the life of our home and community.

As 0531 struck there were 15 Men including 1 FNG that presented themselves ready and eager to take on Monday and all it offered. Unloading 5 Tokens (log, 30lb ruck, “the inhaler (sandbag wrapped in duck tape), kettle bell, and Quam from GrowRuck09 the disclaimer was given and the purpose was made clear. Collect the tokens and mosey to the track.


SSH – 50 ic

Imperial Walkers – 30 ic

SunGods-(forward backward) ic

Claps- ic

Cherry Pickers

Merkins – 15 sc

The Thang:

Shifting into 5 teams of 3 each team took a token, spacing out the members of the team in 3rds(ish) on the track. Members of team were to run token to corresponding team member, and continue running until all members of team had completed the full lap.

Token swaps; re distribute team members; wash rinse repeat… Until all teams had completed a single lap with each token.

YHC moved Pax into formation and began a DNQ (do not quit) SSH session. 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 , 90 ic as we counted out and pushed one another… 99, DNQ, 100, DNQ 101, DNQ 102… We completed 103 SSH ic

Imediately followed by and un weighted lap. Collection of tokens and mosey back to flag.

With 4 ticks on the clock we began 50 ic flutter kicks OYO, 50 ab mat sit-ups OYO…

Recover was called at 0615…

Name o Rama, FNG (HACK) was welcomed, and Ball of Man was completed.

YHC, led us out in prayer, as we lifted up.the week ahead, the men of the PAX, and we continue to ask for comfort for creepers family in their loss.

We also lift up the families and community in Santa Fe Texas as the grieve the lose of life and the reality that evil does exist.

This morning was a reminder that we are not perfect, but we can strive to be prepared, to carry our children, to carry our wives, to carry each other… Physical and emotionally through life. That we ourselves can push one another to impact, serve, and strengethen our community together. That alone we would only be willing to go so far. But together we can go farther!

Thank you for allowing me to take the Q this morning as we strive to become men of honor, integrity, strength, and humility.


Bo Schembechler

“Because I have heard of your Faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for one another. I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that God in his Grace would give you a Spirit of Wisdom and the knowledge of who Jesus is and the hope in which he has prepared for you through his life, death, and resurrection.” (Paraphrased Summary of Ephesians 1:15-23)

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