Brick City Back Blast

AO: Brick City

Who: Ball Bearing ( Q), Crossgrain, Aaaahhhhh, FNG (Musketeer) DOUBLE RESPECT

What: As predicted YHC woke up 6 times and checked the time for fear of sleeping through a Q. Turns out that the alarm was screwed up and that probably would have happened if it weren’t for the angelic cries of an 8 month old baby 20 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off. So up and ready and out the door just as needed today.

Did some SSH to warm up, followed by cotton pickers, Teach stretch, hangers and sun gods.

Mosey to the corner for some bridge work. Over and back on the bridge with 5 jump squats on the east side, 5 merkins in the middle and 5 burpees on the west side. Rinse and repeat for about 10 minutes. Took a mosey down by the water for some dips on the bench. Followed by running up the steps and around the loop 5 times. The plan changed a bit from what was intended, so Q called 10 jump squats to buy some time to think. Back up the steps one more time, but with 5 calf raises on each one this time. Stopped to do some hangers and other calf stretches at the top in order to regain mobility for the rest of the morning.

It was time to mosey back to the flag, but first we had to stop and do some wall sits, which was a favorite of the FNG when he was handcuffed into joining in last week. Finish the mosey to flag with enough time for some ab work. 15 WWI’s, 15 LBC’s, 25 flutter kicks (4 count) followed by protractors.

All in all it was a good morning, and great to Q again. Sounds like there will be no mercy offered tomorrow during Crossgrain Crossgrain’s Q at Camp Willis so get some rest today and see you in the gloom.

-Ball Bearing

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