Brick City Back Blast 06.19.18

QIC: Ball Bearing

PAX:Bo Schembechler, Musketeer (double respect)

I must be getting more comfortable with Q’ing since I only woke up 3 or 4 times worried that I’d sleep in, rather than the 6 times I would usually wake up. Plotted out some extra stretch time after Mondays beating to get limbered up this morning. As I sat waiting for the Pax my hope of a quiet solo ruck was dashed with the appearance of Musketeer out of the gloom and the repeated “on my way” texts from Bo. Got going a little slow as we waited for Bo, but once he was in we got into some warm ups.

Did some cotton pickers, Teach stretches, Abe Vagodas and some others before moving on to sun gods, side straddle hops and I don’t remember what else because it was early and my post-it note of things is still in my shorts.

Feeling better and more ready to actually do things we moseyed to the Broad Street bridge.

Over and back across the bridge 5 times with 10 merkins on the East end, 10 jump squats in the middle and 10 mountain climbers on the west (best) side of the bridge.

Moseyed back to the cars with grumblings that they were told there would be no running. Reminded them that they were told there would be less running and moved on to the next part.

Lazy Doras – Modified slightly from the 100,200,300 for the smaller Pax in attendance.

60 merkins between the Pax (10 per man as the other 2 hold plank and wait their turn)

90 squats (10 per man as the other 2 hold in a low squat until their turn)

150 LBCs (25 per man as the other hold their legs 6ish inches above the ground until their turn).

Finished earlier than expected and rounded out with some extra stretches.

All around good effort despite poor eating habits the night before and poor recovery habits from the day before.

The offer of a free cup of coffee was not answered and will stand next week as well. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and the grace to keep going when the cadence is a little off.


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