6/21/18 antrim legs

@dimon @headsup @blindspot (headlocked inti returning) @bo @wildebeest

Mosey ti the docks for a little warm up

Ssh x 30

Running lunges x 30

Cottonpickers x 20

Warrior rt / lt

Fast mosey (7:45 pace 1/2 the lake)

Slow squats x 30

Alternating lunges 15 each leg

Fast squat to dble high knee jump x 15

Repeat squats lunges and fast squats

Mosey rest of lake same pace to docks

Side step ups on benches 10 each leg

Plank walk arohnd your bench x1 then reverse direction

7 min ab torture 1 min each exercise

Figure of 8

Wikans (clockwise x 1 mi counter x 1min) crunches

Windshiled wipers

Twisted pistons

Star ups

Plank and tuck

Mosey to hill run up backwards

To the flag 0615

Prayed for families traveling and for bo’s kids who are sick and theg are leaving for vaca

Happy birthday to eric / headsup! Yesterday!

Have a great week men. Will be put for all of next week. Keep pushing hard in all areas of your life. Dont slack off!

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