Back blast 3.25.18 Camp Willis

A workout inspired by your favorite drinking games…

Qic: Rash

PAX: Maria, Grovetucky, Brain, Hack, Ball Bearing, Francis, Peaches, Teach, Bootleg

Warm Up: Down dog, push-ups, up dog

Rash stretch

Side straddle hop

Seal jacks

Crescent lunges

Sumo squats

Social! 5 Burpees

Inspired by Quarters:

25 Stairs

25 surfer get ups

25 hand release pushups 

25 Mary Catherine’s 

25 WW I’s

Run a lap until everyone finishes. 

Inspired by Flip cup:

Superman into boat flips

Dry Dock into table top flips

Inspired by Edward 40 hands:

40 yard dash then exercise

40 push-ups

40 Am Hams

40 squats

5 Social calls for 5 burpees during the workout

Streaking back to flag…

Asshole..  Choose your partners final burpee count.

Great job, guys.  Disappointed no one booted.  Will have to add alcohol next time…

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