Brick City StakeOut! 7.3

YHC, didn’t realize the intensity of preparation some individuals & even whole families put into staking out a small plot of lanxd for Red, White, and Boom. Once parking was found, 0525, far from anywhere relative to the AO. YHC and Ball Bearing made their way slowly toward the AO. Laughing as we passed sleeping families, voluntarily becoming homeless for the night, camping out downtown to hold their claim for the big show.

Once near the AO YHC noticed Musketeer (double respect) actually pushing himself like the HIM that he is…. Setting the example of self discipline, even dragging an explosives technician to go the distance with box jumps and decline Merkins…

Once together, YHC dropped the beats and started the the 60s/20s timer… Continuef in the following order until 0615!

A- Abe Vigodas
B- Burpees
C- Carolina Dry Docks
D- Dancing Bears
E- E2K
F- Fiddler Crab
G- Good Mornings (palms up, palms down)
H- Hillbillies
I- Inch Worms
J- James Bonds (lexicon)
K- Knerkins (knuckle Merkins)
L- LBFC (little baby flutter crunches)
M- Merkins
N- non-alternating shoulder tap Merkins (lexicon)
O- Outlaws (on back draw 0 to right then left with feet)
P- Peter Parker’s & Parker Peters

Ended with a selfie, name-o-rama, and brief BOM throwing up a couple to the big man Himself for safety tonight downtown!

Walking back to the car we watched countless CPD officers starting what will be a long day. They are the silent response system, the faithful few that put it on the line each day and drive into the places, and situations we cannot even phathom! S/O to the service men and women all across this country!

-YHC, bo

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