Fartsackers Friday Redemption Pre Blast 07.06.2018

AO: Whine Man’s Hill

QIC: Ball Bearing

When: July 6th, 2018 0530-0615

Who: All PAX, FNG, HIM’s

What: A redemption beatdown for anyone who feels guilty about sleeping in on Thursday morning.

Fridays are usually a day to slow down after a hard week of workouts by throwing on a ruck and taking a tour of Grandview. However, since I gave in to the aches and pains and lack of sleep this morning by staying in bed I decided I should do something about it.

Bring a ruck. Don’t have one? You probably have a backpack you can weigh down with something. Don’t feel like it. Come anyway and hope that enough HIM did and we can work around it. Don’t want to wear a backpack and still get beatdown? I can probably work around that too! Get out of bed! Get stronger and get better!

BONUS! Did you miss Wednesdays Rocky workout and want to hear the awesomeness that is the playlist I put together? Then come on! I’ll bring my own speaker this time, unless Bo shows up with his bigger and better one!


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