7/11 Antrim band of brothers

Upper body core day

@dimon @headsup @wildebeest

Short mosey around tennis courts

Ssh, cotton pickers, abe begodas, sungods, stretching  all on bball court.

Inchworm endline to endline on crt (walk hand plank out then walk feet in to hands then hands out…like a inchworm)

Burpee broad jumps x 25 on tennis court

Bearcrawl 1 crt lunge 2nd bearcrawl 3rd

To the blocks: emom

Merkins x 20 with plank hold for remainder of minute x 5 minutes

Curls x 30 with block holds for remainder of min for 5 minutes

Situps (not lbc) x 20 then feet off grnd for remainder of min x 5 min

Front raises with block x 20 witb block plank for remainder x 3min

American hammer twists with block x 20 x 2min

1minute of 20 merkins and curls (30) to complete 1 min

Short stretch of shoulders.

Circled up and prayed for our days!

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