Back-Blast 07.19.18 – Guts & Glutes

Where: Whineman’s Hill (Wyman Woods Grandview Heights)
When: 0530-0615
Who: schembechler, ballbearing, grovetucky, mogul, mariah
QIC: Mariah

Last car rolled in at 0530 and we were off on a mosey around the park to the playground for COP.
SSH icx30
Imperial Walkers icx20
Sun Gods icx12 each side
Overhead Clap icx20
Mountain Climbers icx20
Dry Docks icx10
Merkins icx10
Cotton Pickers icx15
Peg leg cotton pickers icx15
Willie Mays Hayes icx20

Warmup: Every 30 seconds progression of Burpees with jumping knee tuck returning to plank until next 30sec starts. So 2nd 30s = 2 burpees, REPEATO until 5.

The Thang:
Mosey to path by road to where we’re facing the grass hill all the way across the park.
25 squats then progressive run across field until base of hill for sprint up the hill, mosey back across field to path. REPEATO x3

Mosey back to playground for COP
Frog Bridge icx20 (butterfly position, laying back raise hips)
Side Plank Clams icx10 each side (butterfly position on side)
Curtsey Lunges icx20

Short Circuit: Speed Skater hops OYOx10 then Warrior III Squats OYOx10 each leg (Arms out balanced on one leg bent over, short one leg squat) REPEATO x2

Mosey to circle wall by parking lot.
– Way Leg Raises OYOx20 each side (hands and knees sideways on wall one leg draped straight to ground. Raise leg straight out to side in split then kick leg back and repeat)
– Bulgarian Squats OYOx15 each side (One legged squat facing away from wall with foot on wall behind you)
– Single Leg Glute Bridge on wall ICx20 each leg (fingers behind head, heel on wall other leg pointed to sky and raise to traps touching ground)
– Decline Plank Knee-up Heel-to-sky icx20 each side

Mosey to lot. Sprint half of the lot, back to baseline and on to the flag.

BOM and COT – We talked about the importance of showing up and what the quote “The Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt means. Importance of modifying and encouraging others to get up and get out, to do “something”. Schembechler took us out in prayer.


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