Back Blast – The Theatre 7/21/2018

No official Q but Gimpy said he had something good so we got started.

Saw a new face gathering around Bumber’s F3 flag, met Dr. Suess that was visiting from PA. Good on him.

Did a quick disclaimer and got started.

Moseyed to the bottom parking lot for a warm up.

50 ssh
Sun gods
Cotton pickers x10
Good mornings x10
Moseyed back to the tennis courts And grabs some blocks.

The Thang – 20’s Decending

Partner work out start at 20 reps and count down by 4s – 20,16,12,8,6,4 for each movement. Complete the whole set per movement and then start on the next movement.

Partner A works the rep counts and B does a movement until A is done. Then B does the rep counts and A does the movement.
1. A does burpees B does sungods
2. A does merikans B does plank hold
3. A does block jump overs B does block step ups
4. A does ww1 and v-ups B does American hammers
5. A does brick pressed B does curls
6. A does brick squats B does brick hold
7. A does prisoner stand ups B does lbcs

Starting with burpee’s proved to be a good move. We were all nice and warmed up for the rest!

Count off , Nameorama, COT.

Balled up and bumper lead is out with a prayer.

Then to coffee!

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