KettleBear Back-Blast 7.25.18

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Schute, O’Doyle, Brain, Grovetucky, & Hack

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After getting a role call the night before on the weight & quantity of bells we have at our disposal, YHC, put together a loose plan for what he hoped to be a well paced beatdown in the gloom.

Arriving at 0520 for some mumblechatter, YHC was feeling good as 7 other HIMs joined him in the gloom! This morning was going to suck, in a good way!

The Mission & Disclaimer were given, out of order, but non the less the mission remains the same!

Bells were moved in a mosey by the PAX to the stadium/track where The Thang would go down.


SSH ic X 100

Imperial Walkers ic X 25

Hillbillies ic X 25

Cotton Pickers ic X 20

Straight Leg Cotton Pickers ic X 20

Sun Gods X fwd20 bfwd20 bkwd20 bbkwd20

Over Head Claps ic X 25 slow2fast

The Thang: 3 Stations were established, Station 1 being the “timer” for rotation, they were as followed:

Station 1: 36lb Kettle Bells

-Right Arm Snatch Press
-Left Arm Snatch Press
-Goblet Squat & Jump up the stadium step

Repeat until you’re at the top of the stadium

Station 2: 26lb Kettle Bells

Turkish Get’ups (alternating sides) until Station 1 is completed movement.

Station 3: 26lb Kettle Bells

-5 Kettle Bell Swings
-10 Monkey Humpers
-15 (Movement of Choice)

After completing a full circuit We lined up for a 10 count (Do-A-Diddy Run) 1 lap: In single file, while running forward, first guy drops and does 5 Merkins, once completed moves into 6 position, informing the 12 man that he is in 6 position by yelling “6”. This repeats in Indian Run fashion.

We then completed a full 2nd circuit with a Mosey Back to the Flag for some quick Mary (2 mins)

Count-O-Rama : 8 : Name-O-Rama : CLICK HERE : Followed by some encouragement & gratitude from Hack for what the last 2 months has meant for him! About this being a season of getting right, not just physically, but Spiritually, & with others. How we can always improve and we will never reach perfection.

YHC, Led out in prayer to the Man that holds it all together, the one that goes before us and leads us through it, the first HIM that gave it all away, Jesus!
To The PAX: If you get to this part, It was a humbling experience to be on SSH # 59-80 thinking: “I am the least fit dude in this circle” yet you all followed cadence, trusted my lead, and made me better. That right there is what makes F3 “different” than anything else. The Respect, Willingness to let guys develop, and encouragement in success & failure. Thank you to the 7 Mighty Men that posted and put in the work today.


Bo Schembechler

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