7/26 Antrim band of brothers 2 back blast:
@Dimon @Crash @Wildebeest
Showed up to find crash waiting in parking lot with a columbus police car sitting in lot on patrol…think he left after he saw we were a group of old guys ready to exercise
Dimon comes in hot at 0531

Mosey to dock
Ssh x 25, running lunge x 25 hillbillies x 20, abe begoda x 15, cotton pickers x 15, some stretching

1 mile little faster than mosey pace loop run around lake finishing at 8:24 pace
On dock:
Side step ups 15 each leg
Bulgarian split squat 15 each leg

5 min abs: 1 min each
Clock lbc
Counterclock lbc
Side to side heel touches obliques
Low flutter kicks
Plank rt then left arm then legs up 15 sec each

Mosey to soccer field
Burpee broad jump x 25
Lunge x 25ish
Bear crawl about 25 yrds

Lined up on side line:
5 burpees 10 squats
Sprint to end line
5 burpees 10 squats
Sprint back to flag

20 merkins in cadence

Ended with name-O-rama and prayer!

Great work guys!
Crash thinks that was the fastest mile he has run in a long time! Strong work!

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