Back Blast – The Theatre 7.28.2018

5 PAX – Crash, Gimpy,  Kournikova , Van Damm, Dimon

Crash has the Q, Dimon coming in hot, we got started at 7:01.

Moseyed to the dock for a slow warm up.

Teach Stretch
10 Burpee’s to get us going.
Moseyed back to the basekball courts, and grab some blocks/kettle bells.

The Thang!

4 Rounds:
1 minute of each movement with a rest in between each movement. The rest started at 15 sec, but we bumped it up to 25 seconds after the first round.

Kettlebell swings
Air Squats
Kettlebell Deadlifts
Block Press/Kettlebell press (4 R/4L for the minute)

Mosey to the length of the tennis court and back to stretch it out and a change of scenery.

We were going to do 5 rounds, but got done with round 4 with 5 minutes left so we put the blocks up and did some stretching/planks till time.

Count off , Nameorama, COT.

Balled up and Dimon lead is out with a prayer.

Then to coffee!

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