B.B. : BRICK CITY 7.31.18

PAX: I.D. , Musketeer (double respect), FNG (Sunshine)
QIC: Bo Schembechler

YHC arrived a few mins early to see if I.D. would make his return to the gloom and recent EH (fng) would post. Guys that have been in need of some push finally posted and YHC decided “PUSH” was exactly what they were going to get.

Musketeer faithfully arrived at 0528, Making the journey on foot from his residence on the south side. @vandamme should join in the journey one Tuesday!

With little decided about The Thang YHC put together a traditional 4 corner warm up: As the Walking signals allowed the PAX moved from one corner to the next and performed the following:

-SSH ic
-Squats ic
-Imperial Walkers ic
-Hillbillies ic
-Cotton Pickers ic

Mosey to the bridge, Grab a rock and don’t wake a sleeping street dweller: With Coupon in hands raise over head for mosey to bricks:

The Thang prt 1:

Prt 1: Hand Release Merkins
Prt 2: Lunge with coupon down and back (25yrds)

Prt 1: Squats
Prt 2: Coupon-Run down and back (25yrds)

10 count

Long Mosey from 1 side of the river to the other past the deer looking to jump into the river from the bridge.

All 4 men take a Brick Lane and complete the following:

6 Burpees
Bear Crawl (25yrds)
5 Burpees
Run Back
4 Burpees
Bear Crawl (25yrds)
3 Burpees
Run Back
2 Burpees
Bear Crawl (25yrds)
1 Burpee
Run Back

10 count

Long Mosey Back to Coupons, drop coupons and mosey to flag for MARY

Flutter Kicks ic X 25
Leg Reachers sc X 10 each Leg
Am. Hams ic X 20
LBC ic x 30
6inch hold for 30 count with delays in between

Name-O-Rama, (welcome sunshine), Ball-o-man, YHC lead out in prayer!

I.D. Looking to get in shape for Police Academy… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

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