8/1/18 antrim band of brothers

4 PAX @headsup @dimon @queen @wildebeest

Inspired by the other group doing the challenge: marked out 100ish yrds with 100 paces across parking lot mape with cones.

Mosey down to dock
CoP: ssh running lunges hillbillies cotton pickers sungods
Mosey back up to parking lot

Bear crawl 100yds
25 hand release merkins
Repeat back

(@dimon best time 1:57 and 2:03 for bearcrawl and 25 hand release merkins)

10 merkins 10 squats 10 mtn clim 10 lbcs
Repeat x 8

Abs: 1 min each
Circle abs rt then lt
Glute bridge press
Side to side heel taps

ss whats: 5 ssh 2 exercises
High jumps

Closed with name-a-rama and prayer

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