Back Blast – The Theatre 8.11.2018

6 PAX – Gimpy, crash, Dimon, Bumper, Queen, and a FNG.

Gathered around Bumpers F3 flag, and saw a FNG ride up on a bike. Made some quick introductions and waited for Dimon.

Dimon rolled in right on time. So we got started.

Grabed some bricks and walked to the bottom of the hill. Left them there and mosey’ed to the dock for some warmup.
Warm up:
SSH x25
CP x 15
Good mornings
Teach stretch
Overhead claps

The Thang:
Lap around the lake with 8 stops at each stop we did:
10x merikans
20x jump lunges
10x Superman
10x planking choice for a 10 count.

Mosey to the hill where the bricks were eagerly awaiting us.
3 sets
Bear crawl dragging the brick up the hill
5 burpees
Down the hill
25 lcbs

Plank till the 6 is done

Plank series, right hand down plank touch low foot to hand in the air elbow for a 10 count.
swap sides do it again.

Walk the bricks back to the top.

Did Namorama, Then got some back ground and named Jewel.

COT and Queen let us out with a prayer.

Good job fellas.

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