9/6 Whine Man’s Hill Backblast

AO: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods)

When: 0530-0615

QIC: Rowdy

PAX: Schembechler, Grovetucky, Rash, Shoot, Mariah, Hack, Ball Bearing, Specs, Ariel, Steak.

Disclaimer was given


Cotton Pickers

Good Mornings

Willie Mays Hayes

Rash stretch

Downward dog / Upward dog


Mosey to Hill for The Thang

Partner up for 10 rounds of rotating grass hill sprints (everyone holds Plank while groups finish before starting next set)

  1. Al Gores
  2. Air Squats
  3. Big Boy sit-ups to Standing
  4. American Hammers
  5. Leaps (jump knee-up to chest)
  6. Bonnie Blair’s
  7. Crunches
  8. Oblique heel taps; feet flat on ground
  9. Oblique heel taps; feet in tabletop
  10. Plank

“Clock Merkins on Hill” mosey halfway up the grass hill for the following alignments:

12 O’clock: Catalina 5x

3 O’clock: Merkin 10x

6 O’clock: Alternating Shoulder Taps in Plank 20x

9 O’clock: Merkin 10x

12 O’clock: Bruce and the Cait 10x

3 O’clock: Merkin 10x

6 O’clock: Plank Jacks in Down 20x

9 O’clock: Merkin 10x 

Mosey to Sidewalk

“Walk Like An Egyptian” lunge walk Indian run; everyone hold at bottom until 6 has cleared.

“Duck and Weave” everyone Duck walks as 6 weaves through to front

Indian run mosey to “flag”

Schembechler: Freddy Mercuries

Shoot: Big O’s and leg press to air

Grovetucky: Superman’s

Rash: Imperial Walkers

Steak: Hammy Stretch (in cadence, count of one)

Name-O-Rama, COT, Balls led us in BOM

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