Mosey to bottom:
lunge 1/2 spaces 20 squats lunge rest 20 merkins

Side to side shuffle 1/2 rt then switch 10 jump squats

To circle:
Toe taps all the way around then reverse back
Calf raises x 50

Core circuit: 30 sec each exercise 2 rounds
1. Bear plank: knees under waist bent hands down in plank
2. Bear plank swings side to side
3. Plank knee scratchers plank rt knee to chest press knee down to ground and up
4. Plank knee scratchers lft
5. Plank walking hands one step out and back just hands
6. Plank washer machine rt: plank rt hand behind head crunch and twist elbow to sky
7. Plank washer machine left
8. Bracers: on 6 knees bent and press hard with hands against knees resistance
9. Hip crossovers on back knees bent go side to side

Mosey to top

Suicides: 1/3 lunge shuffle back , 2/3 run shuffle back full length run and back


Prayed for headsup family visifation today service tomorrow for father in law


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