AO Westgate Backblast 10.18.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing
PAX: Crossgrain; Spitz; Tecumseh; Silverado

After much griping and complaining and contemplation of folding down the seats of Tecumseh’s van for a 45 minute nap-o-rama we got started with a lap of the parking lot.

25 x SSH, Cotton Pickers, straight leg cotton pickers, Abe Vagodas, Willy Mays Hayes, Sun Gods and some plank stretching.

Moseyed to the end of the courts for some run stretches : High knees, butt kickers, forward hurdles, backwards hurdles, carioca and repeat.

Called out about the upcoming Veterans day challenge and did a 5 minute set for practice. AMRAP through 11 merkins, 11 burpees, 19 sit ups and 18 air squats for 5 minutes (building to 11 next month(. It was here that I realized my arms were a little too spongey and weak after yesterday’s beatdown to continue with my original plan. So I went into improvise mode.

Moseyed to the mural for wall sits to buy some time and then went to the steps at the front of the tech center for some work.

First run through was steps ups to the 2nd step (10x each leg) then high knee step ups, 15x broad jump up and calf raises. Finished and took a small walk down the sidewalk and made some changes. Same movements again, but this time run to the end of the sidewalk and back before starting the next movement. Repeated all of that again with a set of 10 squats at the end because my legs weren’t as dead as I wanted them to be.

Ran into the end of the clock and moseyed to the parking lot for Name O Rama and COT.

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