Westgate Back Blast 10.29.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing

Pax: Spitz and Silverado

Monday is always the day you tell yourself “I’ll get back on track”, but it’s also the day that’s the hardest to get out of bed at 4:45. When you do get up and get started it gives you a better outlook for the rest of the week.

Starting out this morning I realized just how awful the plan I had in my pocket was going to be, but I realized I had no other options but to push through because I’m also a crappy improviser when I Q.

The thang: Warm up lap around the parking lot followed by cotton pickers, good mornings, hangers, Down Dog Up Dogs and more.

Moseyed to the picnic shelter by the pond and went through a cycle. After each set we did a lap around the pond. 15 each Incline Merkin, Decline Merkin and Dips. 10 step-ups for each leg and 10 high knees each leg. I got tired of running so we did a core set of 25 WWI’s, 20 straight leg lifts, 25 LBCs, 25 Freddie Mercury’s. Did a quick repeato of the arm sets and replaced step ups with 20 squats before we went back to the parking lot. Finished time with parking lot sprints, because the tennis courts were too slippery from rain and leaves. Sprinted the length of the lot and walked the width. I think we made 5 total laps.

Finished with the COT and a prayer for perseverance.

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