The Twelve Pains of Christmas Back Blast: 12.1.18

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park)

PAX: Tarmac, Schrute, Fresh Prince, Teach, Crash, Dimon, Hack, Mogul, Mariah, Grovetucky

The Twelve Pains of Christmas was a hit last year so I was excited to bring it back for an encore. Another year of learning new exercises led to a little editing of the original Twelve Pains. Hopefully, a little tougher, we are a year stronger after all!!

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0600.

Mosey to the bottom parking lot for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC forwards and backwards

Good Mornings x 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 15 IC

Teach Stretch and Rash Stretch

Then mosey to the base of the hill for the Twelve Pains of Christmas:

1 Mountain-Climber Burpee, then mosey backwards up the hill x 2

2 Eight-count Burpees, 1 Mountain-Climber Burpee, mosey backwards up hill x 2

continue the pattern with the following exercises

3 Hand-Release Burpees

4 Diamond Merkins

5 180-degree Burpees (one count is 2 burpees for a total of 360 degrees, i.e: like a ring)

6 Dive-bomber merkins

7 World War I’s

8 Staggered merkins (4 with each hand forward)

9 Jump Squats

10 American Hammers

11 Monkey Humpers

12 Jumping Lunges

The PAX did the last sequence with all 12 days together (Dimon and Fresh Prince did all 12 days twice!!)

Mosey back to upper parking lot for Mogul’s Plank Circuit x 8

Name-o-Rama, COT, BOM and prayer giving thanks that for the rain holding off. Holiday traditions do not exist without family. I thank my F3 family for the privilege to lead!





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